North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX)

The North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination® (NAPLEX®) is designed to evaluate general practice knowledge of pharmacy graduates after they receive their degree from college of pharmacy. The exam is also taken by foreign-educated pharmacists who have earned FPGEC Certification.

It is just one component of the licensure process and is used by the boards of pharmacy to assess a candidate’s competence to practice as a pharmacist.

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Steps to Apply for the NAPLEX

  • Read the Candidate Application Bulletin and learn state licensure requirements
  • Apply for exam eligibility
  • Purchase the exam
  • Schedule the exam with Pearson VUE

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Major Competency Areas for NAPLEX Preparation

  • Area 1: Obtain, Interpret, or Assess Data, Medical, or Patient Information
  • Area 2: Identify Drug Characteristics
  • Area 3: Develop or Manage Treatment Plans
  • Area 4: Perform Calculations
  • Area 5: Compound, Dispense, or Administer Drugs, or Manage Delivery Systems
  • Area 6: Develop or Manage Practice or Medication-Use Systems to Ensure Safety and Quality

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